Hunting Safaris

Bow Hunting


Nimeng is well known for our large supply of the full range of plains game species. All the species contain a balanced mix of trophy and non-trophy males, and females. All animals are in excellent physical condition, and behave very relaxed due animal feeding programme and extreme hunting discipline. Hunting professionalism is consistently practiced on the ranch by our large base of established clients. 


We specialise in bowhunting safaris. For this purpose, we created  a "world class" bowhunting infrastructure. In total, there are eight static blinds on the ranch. Each blind is a permanent structure that can comfortably accommodate two hunters. The maximum number of bowhunters that can be deployed simultaneously is sixteen hunters.

Our static blinds comprise three pit blinds at three different water cribs and one pit blind at a natural drinking pan in the larger game camp. This camp further has one surface blind at the same natural water pan and two elevated blinds at two other water cribs. The smaller game camp has two blinds. One is an elevated blind overlooking a beautiful dam and the other one is a surface blind at a water crib. 

Hunting distances from all the hides vary from between 10 to 30 meters. All the blinds are extremely well camouflaged. They are also sound and scent proof and are equipped with comfortable seating for 2 hunters. In each blind there are hooks for hanging bows, an adjustable camera stand for a video camera and a shelf for placing your rangefinder, your binoculars and your other bow hunting accessories. There is also a notice board in each blind that displays relevant bow hunting information such as shot placement diagrams, our price list, our trophy qualifications, our hunting rules, etc.

The area around each blind ring-fenced with three to four animal access gates. These gates are closed during night time and opened early in the morning before hunting time. This practice forces the animals to come and drink water during the day when the hides are occupied by hunters. Inside the ring-fencing visiting animals are entertained with salt licks and other delicatessen.

In addition to our static blinds, there are also four tree blinds mounted between four and eight metres above surface at strategic places. Large open grassland areas, with enough trees and shrubs for cover, provide ideal settings for walk-and-stalk hunting, typically like the bushmen do it.

Rifle Hunting

We also accommodate rifle hunters with silencers on their rifles, during the second half of our hunting season. We have four rifle hunting areas, that can accommodate eight rifle hunters during the same hunting shift. Our rifle hunting areas are remote from all our water cribs, dams, natural water pans and open grassland areas that are reserved for bowhunting only.

Bagged Animal Recovery

The best taste of venison meat is attained when a killed animal is recovered and skinned within forty five minutes To ensure that animals bagged are skinned as soon as possible, we designed and build a unique Game Recovery Vehicle (GRV) that is capable of loading the carcass of a 700 kg eland with ease within ten minutes.  The GRV is on standby during hunting shifts to recover hunted animal carcasses immediately after a radio or cell phone message is received to do so.

Elevated Hide
Pit hide
Surface hide
Created by Sanet Botha