Management Team

Etienne Ernst Sr.

Etienne Ernst (Sr) is the founder, entrepreneur, managing director, and CEO of Nimeng Holdings (Pty) Ltd. He retired in 1983 from an executive management career in the corporate business world to become an internationally acclaimed business development consultant. In 2006 he decided to retire once again to make provision for the application of his knowledge, skills, competence and experience to one of his many passions - the development of a world class game hunting and eco-tourism resort. 

He can be contacted on +27 82 445 2483, +27 84 373 6196 or at

Etienne Ernst Jnr and his wife Sonya

Etienne Ernst (Jr) is the son of Etienne Ernst (Snr). His corporate business background includes international procurement and supply chain management and one of his many recreational passions is bow hunting. He is one of very few bow hunters who can claim that he fatally bow hunted a six year old Eland bull within a range of 15 metres through walk-and-stalk during his second unplugged bow hunting attempt.  He is married to Sonya and together they have two sons Queon and Milan.

He is a director of Nimeng Holdings (Pty) Ltd who provides valuable input for the development of our customer care culture. He also provides valuable input for the sustainable development and growth of the bowhunting business unit of the company.  

Etienne (Jr) can be contacted on +27 83 234 5843 or at

Ronelle Ernst

Ronelle Ernst is the daughter of Etienne Ernst (Sr). Her knowledge, skills and career experience covers various specialized elements of the Electronic Communication and Information Technology industry. She is also a SMME business entrepeneur with a passion for domestic pet care. She operates "Swanky Mongrel", a business venture in which she designs, manufactures and distributes pet care furniture, linen and nutritional food products to various pet care centres. 

Ronelle is also a director of Nimeng Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Her valuable input includes the development of electronic communication systems, including a web-based booking system. 

She also assists with operations related administration such as the processing of customer bookings and payments. She also assists with data capturing of the company's income and expenses. Ronelle can be contacted at

Sanet Botha - Web-based Media and Decor Designer

Sanet Botha is our decor and web-based media designer. She is responsible for the development and maintenance of our Nimeng Safaris website as well as other web-based promotional media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. She is also responsible for the the interior design of our venues and the exterior design of our gardens.

Sanet is the holder of three international qualifications and national diplomas in specialised makeup artistry and in interior design.

Previously, she was a Foundation Phase teacher for 22 years, which is still her passion. Her leadership skills and capabilities were executed in positions as HOG and HOD, and as the chairperson of the Roodepoort Student Community Council for a period of four years.  Since rugby is also one of her passions, she qualified herself as a SARVU coach and led her team to be Lions winners in their age group for two consecutive years.

 She is a proud mother to one son and two daughters.

Sanet can be contacted on +27 83 384 0144 or at

Kossam Mkwebo - Ranch Operations Administrator and Receptionist

Kossam Mkwebo is our ranch operations administrator. His administrative duties include time office administration, storekeeping and asset register administration. 

He is also our ranch receptionist, responsible for guest room allocations, guest reception, and guest hosting, which includes attendance to the special needs of our guests. 

Kossam is also the manager of our four full-time security guards whose duties include game ranging, residential security and conformance policing.

Kossam is a Zimbabwean citizen. His career development exposure and work experience includes urban and mine security game ranching. He was previously employed by Bubiana Conservancy in Masvingo, Zimbabwe; Sandawana Mines, Zimbabwe Midlands, and Eagle Security (Pvt) Ltd in Harare. He is married and a father of five daughters and one son.

Kossam can be contacted on +27 72 677 5667

Bianca Botha - Conservation Quality Assurer

Bianca Botha is our conservation quality assurer. Her passion is nature conservation and her occupational background includes data capturing, data sorting, and web-based sales. She also  worked as a personal administrator to the two top sales reps of a company and was involved in the building of client relations. She has a number of hospitality skills, including reception, bar tending, bar administration, catering and cooking and events organisation. 

Bianca is a resident on our safari ranch. Her current role includes, energy and water consumption control, conservation project management, horse care and the establishment of our horse riding school. She assists Sanet with the maintenance of our web-based marketing initiatives, on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Bianca can be contacted on +27 78 099 0847 or at 

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