Hunting Options

Hunting Options

We have two hunting options at Nimeng:

  • Price List Hunting – This option is tailored for trophy hunters

  • Per Kilogram Hunting – This option is tailored for biltong hunters and bow hunters

Price Lists 

We prefer not to publish the prices of our animal species, venison meat prices, and our accommodation prices for public viewing.

We will rather send you our price information (Price Lists) to your email address

Contact Etienne Ernst Sr at the contact number and/or contact address provided at the bottom of this page.  


Hunting Support Services Fee - Hunting Fee

At Nimeng we now have an all inclusive standard Hunting Support Services Fee, generally referred to as a “Hunting Fee”. This fee provides for the following service delivery:


Bow Hunters

  • Blind preparation and maintenance

  • Animal feeding at blinds (starting 5 days before a hunt)

  • Transport to and back from blinds

Rifle Hunters

  • Transport to and back from rifle hunting areas

  • Competent hunting guides (one guide per two hunters)

  • Tracking of wounded animals (maximum of 2 hours per lost animal)

All hunters

  • Recovery of hunted animals from bagging spot to our abattoir

  • Skinning of bagged animals

  • Splitting of animal carcasses into five parts

  • Cooling of animals in our 50 cubic metre cool room


Hunting Fee (Inclusive of 15% VAT)

The Hunting Fee payable, is dependent on the number of hunters in a particular hunting party. The more hunters there are in a hunting party the cheaper will be the fee per hunter as follows:


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