3D Target Shooting


Successful bowhunting requires proficient bowhunting skills. For Nimeng to be a successful bowhunting venue, bowhunters that hunt at Nimeng must be successful bowhunters. 

To achieve both these objectives, we have closely associated ourselves with SABA - the South African Bow Hunters Association. One of SABA's goals is to facilitate the development of bowhunter competence and the certification of bowhunter proficiency. Through our association with SABA, we are looking forward to the day where all bowhunters that book their bowhunting safaris at at Nimeng will be bowhunters that have successfully complete the SABA bowhunter skills training programme and that have been certificated to be proficient bowhunters.

With this in mind, combined with increased interest and bookings of bow-hunting clubs and families, we have, with the assistance of SABA, constructed a 3D Target Shooting Range in one of our game camps that will add value to both bow hunting and archery as a sport. These facilities will also be of interest to the recreational archer.

3D archery shooting differs significantly from conventional 2D archery shooting. Instead of round foam or paper targets, arrows are fired at three-dimensional foam representations of various animal species hidden in the kind of vegetation where these particular animals are typically found.

Our 2.6 km 3D target shooting trail will be valuable resource for bow hunters to practice their walk and stalk bow hunting skills. And, for archers who are considering bowhunting as a sport, it will provide a variation of opportunities for developing bow hunting skills.  

Nimeng will be hosting one of nine provincial SABA 3D Target "Shoots" on Saturday 29 July 2017. Please contact Etienne Ernst Sr on 084 373 6196 for more information and bookings.

Created by Sanet Botha